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Salvans srl is a small company that we created in 2023, after more than 20 years of experience in managing mountain facilities, for the responsible enhancement of the Highlands. The mountains in which we work are some of the most beautiful in the world and taking care of them seems to us to be the right and sensible thing to do for those who, like us, have chosen to live there: we want to do it in a simple and direct way, putting our faces to it and getting our hands dirty.

Salvans srl takes its name from the Salvans, small protective creatures of the woods and mountains found in Ladin legends and also in Monti Pallidi the book by Karl Felix Wolff that made the legends of the Dolomites famous. Our small company currently runs Rifugio Malga Cavallera and Malga Cere in Val Calamento, in a wonderful and enchanted corner of the Lagorai well as a series of events and workshops inspired by the promotion of careful frequentation of the mountains, respecting their ecosystem and slow rhythms.

Salvans is made up of a myriad of contacts and personal relationships, many people have gravitated and still gravitate around its projects, the founders of Salvans are Luigi and Dario:

Luigi Dall’Armellina

Sono nato a Venezia ma fin da bambino avevo deciso che avrei vissuto un giorno sulle mie montagne.  Durante gli anni universitari ho sempre lavorato in strutture alpinistiche d’alta quota in Dolomiti, fino a che, dopo la laurea in storia e geografia, ho iniziato ad occuparmi di cooperazione internazionale, in particolare in Africa Occidentale. Ho seguito, come ricercatore per l’università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia, progetti legati allo sviluppo del turismo a basso impatto nell’arcipelago delle Bjiagos in Guinea Bissau, appassionandomi allo studio delle interazioni tra uomo e ambiente in ecosistemi fragili. Dal 2012 sono tornato sulle mie amate montagne per iniziare la gestione di Malga Cere, una vecchia malga ristrutturata e trasformata in rifugio nel selvaggio gruppo montuoso del Lagorai, nel Trentino orientale. Dal 2023, con il mio amico e socio Dario alla gestione di Malga Cere abbiamo unito il rifugio Malga Cavallera, sulle Pale di San Martino.

Dario Ferroni

I have a background in Palethnology at the University of Venice, I have always had a strong passion for adventure and discovery travel until it became a profession. After graduating as a Nature Guide in 2006 and building up a solid experience in accompanying trekking in the Dolomites and Italy, I started accompanying my first clients to Africa, mainly on adventure trips in wonderful naturalistic settings such as the Zambezi River and the famous hills and savannas of Uganda and East Africa. Since 2014 I have specialised in organising trekking trips to Nepal. From 2003 to 2008 I managed the Nature Education Centre of the Veneto Region in Cansiglio, from 2012 to 2022 I managed Rifugio Alpe Madre i on the Monte Grappa Massif, and now I manage together with my friend and partner Luigi the Rifugio Malga Cavallera on the Belluno side of the Pale di San Martino group, in the Belluno Dolomites, and I collaborate in the management of Malga Cere in Lagorai.